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this is what i do when i’m home alone with the music blasting


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Name// “Biggie”
Occupation// Fineart
Where//Justin Bua Show at LACMA Opens this Saturday
Why pouting//

Bua talked about navigating through the rough streets of East Flatbush: “I thought East Harlem was rough, until I moved to Brooklyn… there were a lot of stick-up kids over there. I remember walking down Church Avenue after break dance practice and seeing the stick-up kids, trying to figure out how I was going to avoid them. I would get creative with the different characters that I would invent and act out, so that they wouldn’t mess with me… Most of the time it worked. Unfortunately not always.”

Bua says that he felt like his distinct style is always something that has been inside him, saying “Everyone has their own style. People spend their lives developing it and honing in on it.” He feels like school is a place where artists copy and learn the basics, and fundamentals, the same way that athletes train. After an artist has learned the elementary tools, then they can start to really get authentic with their style.

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Name// Suhui
Occupation// Interior architect
Where// Home Sweet Home, NYC, New York
Why Pouting// She was dancing in the club but it was really hot. She was cooked inside!

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